Pontoosuc Lake Country Club, Inc.

Since 1935

Pontoosuc Lake Country Club is a public golf course located on the western side of Pontoosuc Lake. It is and always has been considered a hidden gem by local golfers and is usually praised by visiting golfers. The most obvious features of the course are the simple views of the mountains, the aged and majestic oak, maple and pine trees and the rolling hills that course sits on. The less obvious challenges are the elevation changes that occur with play, the size of the greens ranging from 3000 to 7500 square feet and the overall layout of the course that make for an enjoyable round of golf.
The original course was built by Freeman Miller on what was originally Pete Hodecker's farm sometime in the 1920's. In 1935 it was purchased by a young golf pro from Stockbridge Country Club named Charles 'Chick' Moxon and Incorporated as Pontoosuc Lake Country Club, Inc. With a little input from the famous A. W. Tillinghast and then a complete re-design by Wayne Stiles in 1939, the course became what it is today.

Come and play a round here. We think that you will be nicely surprised.